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We have been serving the Greenwood area since 1999. In that time, we have developed computer repair and system management services that provide comprehensive solutions for your computer repair and other IT needs.
Just as you need a good primary care doctor to make sure your health care providers are working toward the same goals for your health, you need knowledgeable, trained computer repair experts for efficient repairs on your computers.
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Professional Approach

What is the difference between a ‘professional’ approach and a quick fix? Click on “More Info” and find out the difference!

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Expert Knowledge

We at Innovative Technologies are committed to making sure every computer repair experience is as fast, efficient and stress-free as possible. Click on “More Info” to find out how we can be of service to you!

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One phone call – we handle it all!

We bring all that your company needs right to your door. Click on “More Info”

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Fast, Responsive & Knowledgeable Technicians

Does your IT Company not answer your calls, or fail to call you back in a timely manner? Are your issues not being resolved? We here at Innovative Technologies understand, and we are your solution!

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