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Internet Shopping

Is it Safe?

  • Shopping on the Internet has never been easier or safer if you just follow a few simple safety rules.
  • Shop online from reputable companies only!
  • Do not visit shady looking web sites.

–Look for obvious signs (misspellings, things out of place, etc.)
–Look at the URL at the top – make sure it is where you are visiting.

  • Would you shop at “Uncle Bruno’s Fell Off the Truck Discount House of Electronics”?
  • Look for contact information
  • Look for the “Lock”
  • Make sure it is https://
  • Make sure you are at the site you expected
  • Make sure you have contact information to resolve issues
  • Always shop with a Credit Card – never a bank account.
  • Use the same credit card for all of your online shopping. If there is ever a problem, all you have to do is cancel that one card.
  • Use “disposable” credit card numbers you can get from your Credit Card issuer.
  • Make sure you have online access to your credit card transactions.
  • Keep a close eye on your credit card statement (more often than once a month, if possible).