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Web/Email Hosting

Get the web presence you need – affordably!

Our experienced team can handle all your web presence needs! Our servers offer simple, easy-to-use interfaces, solid uptime, MySQL databases and loads of tools and add-ons. The difference is support! You won’t get the run around with us – our support team is the same local people who repair your computer systems!

  • We have the ability to assist you with the development of your web site
  • Able to support and train users to modify their own sites
  • We are able to give support and training on how users can modify their own web sites
  • We offer your basic Email services (POP account)
  • We offer you a more comprehensive email option (Exchange account)
  • POP accounts are included with our Web hosting package

Don’t settle for less than what you need

Our hosting services may not be the least expensive available due to our stubborn refusal to cut corners so we can provide you the most useful, feature-rich, reliable product available. You get what you pay for an we want to ensure you get what your business needs.
  • We can help you determine what services would best fit your situation.
  • Our Exchange email services offer more collaborative options for your business needs
  • Our POP email services can meet many of your current needs for your business and personal needs
  • We can also offer a combination of hosting services to meet your many needs
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